Central Texas Football Officiating Chapter

  "Making the Right Call"

Coaches Information:

Crews can be evaluated online using Zebra-Ware.  We encourage all coaches to provide constructive feedback that support the grade they give each crew.  Without constructive feedback, it's impossible to know what training deficiencies exist.   


On behalf of the entire Board of Directors, Central Texas Football Chapter, we would like to extend our appreciation to any school that takes interest in our chapter.  If any coach has questions regarding the operation of the Central Texas Football Chapter or the assigning of football officials, feel free to contact.


Chapter President:


Steven Davis

H: (512) 352-5726

M: (512) 656-1919

Email: [email protected] or [email protected]


Chapter Assignment Secretary: 


Billy Crow

H: (254) 642-3334

M: (243) 718-8994

Email: [email protected]

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